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Hoa Dang

Community Leader

The tool works smoothly, fast, and at a stable loading speed. I have a good experience at the premium. You don't have to download images and videos to upload, just add the link. That's convenient and quick. There is always a Preview section for easy content control before posting. Page Tracker can track pages in the house and also of other parties.


Huong Do

Community Leader

Reasonable prices, commensurate with the experience on Metaplus. Convenient for someone who manages many pages like me. I can post or schedule on multiple pages at the same time, with various formats attached to the CTA button without setting ads as usual. I am impressed with the "Page tracker" function. It is similar to Fanpage Karma, Crowdtangle..., integrated into Metaplus. That's so convenient.


Dung Dang

Content Editor

The interface is very pleasant in terms of colors as well as the layout for each function. Details are clearly stated when the user wants to use them. There are many functions to serve for posting on fanpage (Single Image, Single Video, and Carousel Post) with a “Call To Action” button attached. The Carousel Post can add up to 10 cards. The tool integrates many functions to help users save time and costs when using.


Chien Trinh

Page Admin

The tool helps to post multiple pages at the same time and there are full post types: Photo, Video, Carousel. There are many service packages with different prices for me to choose easily. What I appreciate about Metaplus is that when I edit information to update the Page, it always shows me a preview. This is very convenient, it helps me to double-check before posting.


Vu Huynh

Page Admin

The Token Manager section has a video tutorial, so it's easy for me to understand and manipulate. The tool has a “Page Tracker” function to help track competitors, statistics of interactions, like shares, comments quickly. Besides, it can help me keep track of the pages I'm managing, thereby solving work faster.


Duy Nguyen

Page Admin

The interface is simple, there are 2 easy-to-see light and dark modes. Especially the "Page tracker" function that not only helps optimize the management of my pages but also track competitors.


Duong Nguyen

Digital Marketing

All the functions have a simple design, it is easy to figure out. Impressed with the page tracker section.


Long Nguyen

Content Editor

Metaplus works well for Page management as well as detailed control of the amount of information contained in it.No fuss and easy operation in the main interface. The entries are quite easy to understand for beginners. Upload photos very quickly. One thing I appreciate about Metaplus is that when I edit the information to update the Page, it always shows up for me to preview. This is very convenient, it helps me to manipulate and check more easily.


Phat Nguyen

Content Editor

Metaplus is very effective and necessary for users who specialize in managing many fan pages, and at the same time have a need to research the Facebook market, the direction of competitors' pages.


Linh Nguyen

Page Admin

Colorful close interface makes it easier for users to distinguish Detailed information, complete, concise,...The installation software displays many editing buttons according to the user's liking when using them.


Chau Dang

Content Editor

Meta + helps users to post multiple pages at once, saving time. In addition, it is possible to track competitor pages to compare with the in-house page. The tool has 2 interfaces, light and dark like Facebook, very convenient for users to choose the interface they like.


Kien Nguyen

Content Editor

Upload photos very quickly. One thing I appreciate about Metaplus is that when I edit the information to update the Page, it always shows up for me to preview.


Dao Phan

Page Admin

The interface is beautiful, simple, easy to understand, easy to see, not messed up. The special thing about Metaplus is that it can integrate all 3 types of ads from photos, videos to carousels. Save cost, time. Easy to use, not too complicated. In particular, the carousel format can post multiple images and videos at the same time, not just a single video like the rented tool.


Pricing Plan

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  • 1 Facebook account
  • Unlimited posts, formats & pages
  • Add call to action
  • 2 carousel cards
  • 1 page list tracker
  • 5 pages per list tracker
  • Add pages by links
  • Manage pages by tag
  • Unlimited export, filter, search, sort data
  • Time filter up to 30 days

$95.90 $119.88





Best for scaling businesses

  • All the benefits of standard +
  • Up to 30 Facebook accounts
  • Up to 10 carousel cards
  • Up to 30 page lists tracker
  • Up to 50 pages per list tracker
  • Add pages by keyword search
  • Unlimited time filter
  • 24/7 support
  • Early access to Youtube, Tiktok Tools
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For security reasons, we do not currently provide the ability for you to change your email address yourself. If you would like to update the email address associated with a Metaplus account, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

If you've forgotten the password for your, don't worry! Resetting the password for your account is very easy to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the login page
  2. Click "Forgot Password" near the login
  3. Enter the email address you used to create your membership
  4. Check the inbox of the email address associated with your account (it may take a few minutes for the reset email to arrive)
  5. Click the link inside your email to reset your password
  6. When prompted, select a new password

For your convenience, Metaplus accepts: Stripe, Bank Transfer (only available for buyers in Vietnam), MoMo, Paypal.

Please make sure your credit card information is up-to-date (e.g. expiration date and CVV code) and that you're entering your credit card number without dashes or spaces. If your credit card is still not processing, you may need to follow up with your bank to see if there are any issues on their end. If you’re still having issues, please contact us at [email protected]

After choosing the right plan that best suits your requirements, you will be transferred to the payment site where you need to provide your card information to buy the plan. Please note that your card information will be protected to the full extent so worry free when making the transaction with us. After finishing your transaction, the activation code will be sent to your email address and you can use this code to activate your plan at Metaplus. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the correct email address since we do not have a policy to refund if you provided any wrong information.

You can contact us via email [email protected]

Yes! Metaplus never has access to your password, you just allow the site to post via Facebook's Graph API. .

Simply head over to the Blog page to find tips, tutorials, info and more for each tool.

Currently, Metaplus is officially supported on all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Opera)

Good question! Metaplus is a tool to help you publish your creative content to multiple social media accounts and track your competitors easily from one-stop dashboard.

Metaplus is mobile-friendly, so you can use Metaplus on mobile

Page Tracker helps you manage your Facebook pages, keep an eye on your competitors and keep up with the new trends on the social from one-stop dashboard.

With Post Creative feature on Metaplus, you can create your Facebook post in multiple formats (single video, photo and carousel) with a CTA button attached, which helps increase the post engagement rate and conversion.

Metaplus lets you easily publish or schedule posts to multiple Facebook Pages with one click. Save time when you post the usual way.

The interface is simple, with light and dark themes, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use to anyone.

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